Chuck Howard


Although Chuck has been accused of not being from this planet, he has lived in the South for most of his life. In his younger days he moved around quite a bit but since 2005 he has considered himself a Memphis resident. With a degree in Graphic Design and experience ranging from building guitars to building websites and everything in between, he fits right in with our eclectic crew. 

Chuck developed an interest in woodworking while he was in college, working as a guitar technician at St. Blues Guitar Workshop back in 2007. After pursuing several other interests over the years he finally found the opportunity to join our bands of merry woodworking hooligans.

Although Chuck's holds the title of "Marketing Director" he also does much of the hands-on work needed in the shop. His favorite step in the woodworking process is the design process. He enjoys making creative decisions and rendering detailed sketches of his designs to communicate his ideas to customers and the guys in the shop. He also likes sanding and shaping.

When Chuck is away from the shop he enjoys playing music, making art, playing rugby, and hanging out in Midtown.