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we've got big mills

At CityWood we have plenty of resources to make your projects become a reality. We have two sawmills on site for turning your logs into lumber. We have a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill that can handle up to 28 inch diameter logs and up to 17-1/2 feet long. This sawmill can be used at our facility or taken to the location of your logs, which allows us to mill your logs on your property. Our second sawmill is an Oscar 52, which will handle up to 52 inch diameter logs and up to 24 feet long. We use this mill for cutting large logs into slabs. For extra large logs, we have custom chainsaw mills capable of milling logs up to 9 feet wide.

Whatever your milling needs are, we've got you covered!

Turn your logs into lumber

Have some logs you need milled into lumber or slabs? Don't have the proper equipment to get the job done? We do!
Fill out the form below to request time on our mills to have your lumber cut right (we'll do all the heavy lifting).
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